Stain Options

Rustic Grain Designs uses the highest quality in finishing products on all our furniture. We typically carry the brands of Minwax and Varathane stains.
When deciding on a wood stain color for your custom piece it is important to keep in mind color variation. With wood being a natural material it brings with it natural characteristics that can not be controlled or replicated. These characteristics are a by-product of the species itself, and is why we love working with a stain color to enhance the uniqueness. Some wood species have less color variation than others, some more distinct grains than others. Color variation in the stains final outcome can also be attributed to two other natural occurrences. First, is the natural color of the raw wood, and second is the way the wood absorbs stain. While we make every effort to perfectly match your given selection we must keep these factors in mind.

If a painted piece is what you desire we only use high quality PPG paints. We especially like the characteristics that the Breakthrough series offers. When we apply this series to our furniture it leaves a clean and smooth finish. We can customize any piece with any specific color you’d like.

"Justin's quality of work and professionalism is excellent. He treats each piece as if he is putting it into his own home. After installing my barn doors he noticed something he didn't like and made a whole set. Would definitely recommend him."

Jeremy G.

"I can't describe what an awesome job these guys did! Such friendly people on top of it. They really put 100% into their work and care so much about the customer! I'm super impressed! I didn't even have to bring my stuff to them how convenient can you get?! Thanks again guys!!!!! "

Genny B.

"Wine table looks great! Thank you so much! Would definitely purchase from you again! "

Deanna C.